Who we are?
Igoeti Ltd. was founded in 2020 with a focus to create Georgian spices and other products based on our heritage and culture. We offer our customers the best variety and quality of products in modern and convenient packaging.
Igoeti Ltd. is passionate about the quality of our products.
Our goods are:
• Ecologically clean and derived from hand-selected raw materials
• Based on traditional flavors
• Have pleasant aromas
• Contain vitamins and minerals
The production of spices involves quality control at all stages including the purchase and transportation of the best raw materials. We stand by our product and have confidence in the future expansion and prosperity of our business. We foster a family atmosphere which facilitates team engagement in company ideas, plans and future goals. We work efficiently and diligently to meet our customers’ expectations. Our quality product meets high standards of local and foreign markets. One of our main goals is to promote and popularize Georgian dishes in our homeland and abroad.

Our Values
Igoeti Ltd. distinguishes it from competitors by:
• supplying of high quality products
• being environmentally friendly
• producing reliable products that’s meet local and European standards
• providing fast and quality service

Our spice packages are filled with dry nitrogen under positive pressure which expels oxygen and moisture. Nitrogen preserves the texture and taste properties of the product. The main purpose of nitrogen in the food industry is to increase the shelf life and to preserve the original taste properties as much as possible.
All packages of our products are transparent from the front so our customers have the opportunity to visualize the appearance and quality of our products.